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Introduction of Optoelectronic Information Science & Engineering

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Department Optoelectronic Information Science & Engineering was founded in May 2003. Prior to the establishment of the department, laser processing technology has been relatively well developed in School of Mechanical Engineering. On this basis, this department was established according to the needs of disciplinary development. Now there are three major research arrears, i.e., laser fabrication, micro- and nano- scale optical devices as well as optoelectronic detection and information process.The department has 15 faculties, including 4 professors and 7 associate professors. There are now about 250 undergraduate students and 60 graduate students. We have four professional laboratories, and the experimental equipments can provide services for teaching and research activities. Training goal of the department is to educate students with a solid foundation of mathematics and physics, mastering the basic theory and basic experimental skills in optics and related discipline, and we expect that a qualified graduate can take up the work in scientific research, product development, organizational management, teaching and other work in the relevant fields, such as laser technology, information technology, optical device manufacturing and image processing.

The discipline of optical engineering is an inter-discipline,involving the disciplines of electronics, optics, material, computer, communication, and so on. In Jiangsu University, based on the existing research conditions, our research covers fourmajor frontier areas of optics and optical engineering, including advanced laser processing and manufacturing, micro&nanoscale optical devices, optoelectronic detection and biomedical photonics.

Since 2003, research group has undertaken and completed over 30 state-level projects, including 24 programs from National Natural Science Foundation and 3 military projects. In addition, we also completed 38 provincial or ministerial projects and more than 40 projects from enterprises. The total support funding from government reach about 33 million Yuan, and support funding from enterprises reach above 9 million Yuan.

With the financial support from government and enterprises, and through many years of accumulation, our research group has achieved a series of cutting-edge scientific research results. Until now, more than 60 scientific research results have been identified by government or enterprise, and 12 of them have won awards. Now 3 members of the discipline are honored by the SixTalentPeaks Project of Jiangsu Province, 2 members are sponsored by Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province and 1 member is awarded innovative and entrepreneurial talent.We have published about 1500 essays in magazines and journals home and abroad. Some academic articles were published in important academic journals, such as Applied Physics letters, Optics Letters, Optics Express, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Journal of Light wave Technology. In addition, we have also applied 380 patents and 150 of them have been authorized.

光学工程学科是涉及电子、光学、材料、计算机和通信等领域的交叉学科。江苏大学光学工程学科目前包含四个主要的研究方向:先进激光处理与加工、微纳光学器件、光电检测与生物医学光子学。自从2003年以来,学科的研究团队承担并完成了30余项国家级研究项目,其中包括24项国家自然基金课题和3项军方项目。此外,大家还完成38项省部级课题和40余项企业横向课题。纵向课题和横向课题总经费分别达到3300万和900万。经过多年努力,学科的科研团队取得了一系列前沿的研究成果。60余项科研成果得到政府或企业认定,其中12项获得国家级和省部级奖项。团队中现有六大人才高峰人才3人,青蓝工程人才2人,江苏省双创人才一人。已发表期刊论文1500余篇,其中多篇发表在光学类顶级期刊,如Applied Physics letters, Optics Letters, Optics Express, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Journal of Light wave Technology。此外,申请专利300余件,授权150件。

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