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Introduction to Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

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As a national characteristic major, it belongs to the first batch of pilot majors for the ‘Excellent Engineer Training Program’, the first batch of brand major of Jiangsu Province, the key major of Jiangsu Province during the 12th Five-Year Plan, and was titled the brand major of Jiangsu Province once again in 2015.

This major combines the general education with professional training program, and its fundamental course system mainly consists of mechanical science, electronics technology, computer science and electromechanical control technology. In addition, the engineering education, training and practice are also included for a purpose to supply high-standard inter-disciplinary technical engineers with solid fundamentals, broadened knowledge system, skillful application ability and innovative spirit. This major consists of three directions, namely, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Design and Automation, Mould Design and Manufacturing. Students can select the major direction according to their interests, and then corresponding modern mechanical engineering training in engineering design, professional practice and design are provided for them, aiming at helping them obtain comprehensive ability for mechanical products design, manufacture and equipment control, as well as organization management.

The discipline to which the aforementioned major belongs has one first-level disciplinary doctoral program, one mobile post-doctoral station, four second-level disciplinary doctoral programs and four second-level disciplinary master programs. Meanwhile, students with good academic record are allowed to move forwards to post-graduate study and research stage in advance without examination.

Graduates from this major have shown good performance in technical and managing positions of mechanical design, manufacture and automation in fields of machinery, automobile, smelting, transportation, electronics, light industry, chemical industry and many other industries. Graduates are capable of addressing the complicated mechanical issue and hence many of them have grown up behaving as the cadre of technical and management in their companies. Besides, many graduates also devote themselves to teaching, researching or administrative managing work in universities, research institutions and government departments.

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