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Introduction to Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

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Mechanical manufacturingand automation, the first batch of subjects received the right to grant master degree in China in 1981, andwas approved to award the doctoral degreein n 1998. This program is one of theNational 11th"Five-Year"KeyDisciplinesConstructionSites.As the first-class discipline of mechanical engineering, it has the doctoral degree program and the postdoctoral mobile station, and is the first-class discipline and the construction site of the National Key Discipline (Level 1) in Jiangsu province.

The Subjecthas made distinctive features and unique advantages and high-level research results in many areas, such as Laser processing and detection technology, Photon manufacturing science and technology, High-speed and precision machining, Modern mould and advanced near-net manufacturing technology and Advanced prototyping technology. There are key laboratories of photonic manufacturing science and technology in Jiangsu province and Laser shock wave processing technology in China machinery industry, a united training demonstration base for mechanical engineering production and research, and experimental teaching and demonstration centre of mechanical engineering in Jiangsu province.It has achieved remarkable achievements in the cultivation of talents, in recent years, has been honored with 1 National Excellent Doctoral Thesis, 5 Excellent Doctoral Theses, and approximately 20 Excellent Master Dissertations in Jiangsu province.It enrolls nearly 100 academic, professional and engineering master students, and more than 10 PhD candidates every year.This program has completed and hosted more than 30 projects from the National Science-technology Support Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation and the National 863 High-Technology Program, and other more than 50 provincial research projects.At present, it is the core of the main supporting discipline of the engineering characteristics of Jiangsu university.

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