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2019 ESI Paper Award Application Instructions

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I. Scope of Declaration

The scope of this year's ESI dissertation award application includes highly cited paper awards, hot paper awards, active citation awards, passive citation awards, and journal awards.

Awards for highly cited papers

For newly published high-cited papers in 2019, the recognition conditions and reward standards will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations.

For highly cited papers published before 2019, the recognition conditions and reward standards will be implemented according to the old regulations.

Highly cited papers that have been previously rewarded are not rewarded repeatedly. Please do not repeat the submission.

Third, hot paper awards

For newly published hot papers in 2019, the recognition conditions and reward standards will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations.

Fourth, actively quote rewards

Active citation reward refers to the reward for new published papers citing our university's published ESI papers since September 2019. To quote a standard for ESI papers in engineering and agricultural sciences, and to quote a standard for ESI papers in other disciplines.

The active referral awards from January to September 2019 have been issued in the early stages. Reporters are requested not to fill in duplicates.

Five, passive reference rewards

The cited awards range from ESI papers published in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The citation award standards for newly published ESI papers in 2019 will be implemented in accordance with the new regulations.

Citation award standards for ESI papers published in 2017 and 2018 are implemented according to the old rules.

Awards for Publishing Journals

Papers published in ESI journals of engineering and agricultural science in 2019 will be given different rewards according to district.

List of papers

The above list of various ESI papers and district lists will be issued by schools in advance. The statistical deadline for various papers is November 30, 2019. If you have any questions about the list, please contact Mr. Sun (88780103-8617) of the Library's Discipline Service Department first.

Eight, fill in the requirements

Reporters are kindly requested to fill in all kinds of information truthfully. If the calculation is wrong due to incorrect filling or incomplete information, the consequences will be borne by themselves. The important information such as the WOS number of the paper (please check in the provided list form, and fill in the format: WOS: 000378187000000) must be filled in accurately.

In the process of filling in the declaration information, applicants must fill in the reward standards and regulations. If they do not meet the reward regulations, please do not fill in. The college is requested to do a good job of preliminary examination. If it does not meet the requirements, the subject office will call back directly.

If in doubt, please contact the Graduate School's Office (88780097) in time.

Nine, other instructions

1. There are no repeated rewards for the various types of rewards for the above ESI papers, and one reward will be awarded according to the principle of high priority. For papers that have been issued with active citation awards, if the amount of other types of awards declared is higher than the amount of awards that have already been issued, the difference can be declared in accordance with regulations.

2. Only one author is rewarded for each paper. All applicants are requested to communicate well in advance and ask the college to strictly review; if the requirements are not met, the graduate school will call back directly.

3. Papers published by the school's personnel as the first author or corresponding author should be reported by the school's personnel; papers published by the school as the signed unit but not the first institution should be reported by the school's first order person or part-time staff hired by the school; Papers published by our university as the signature unit and each graduate school branch as the first institution shall be declared by the full-time supervisors of each graduate school branch employed by this school.

4. In the papers that apply for voluntary citation awards, if any papers that are not actually cited are found, they will be deemed to be filled with false information. The papers will not be rewarded. Please review carefully.

5. The papers that have been rewarded in the past are not rewarded repeatedly, and applicants are not allowed to fill in them repeatedly. Please check carefully! If you missed the last time you reported the award, please indicate the situation when you make the supplementary report.

6. Zoning standards are based on the classification standards set by the school.

7. The specific award standards shall be implemented in accordance with the minutes of the school meeting.

X. Material submission time

The deadline for the application of ESI dissertation awards this year is December 5, 2019. All units are requested to submit the application forms to the Graduate School's Disciplinary Office within a specified time.

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