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3v3 basketball match for postgraduates held by the school of mechanics

Time: 2019年10月21日 10:25 News source : Browsing number:

Recently, the College of mechanical engineering held the 3v3 basketball game with the theme of "hot blooded youth, club members", enriching the after-school time of the first year of postgraduate and promoting the college sports culture.

A total of 6 basketball teams of mechanical college have passed the preliminary selection, and 4 teams have entered the final. Before the game, the teams shouted team slogans. In the game, everyone took the initiative to play, pass and shoot with vigorous and skillful movements, with high enthusiasm, competing against the clock, and all the members of each team played their own style. Finally, research machinery 1904 won the laurel, research machinery 1905 won the second place, research machinery 1903 won the third place, and research machinery 1901 won the excellent award. This activity shows the young and upward demeanor of mechanical graduate students, enhances the cohesion between students, and cultivates everyone's sense of collective honor.

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