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The 1706 group branch of Mechanical College held the theme group day activity of "taking the wind of youth and building the light of the times"

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Recently, the branch of the 1705 group of machinery held the theme group day activity of "youth, heart to the party, striving for a new era" in Sanjiang building 302. The activity invited the instructor, Mr. Yu Ting, to guide and participate in it. The atmosphere on site was extremely active.

The activity kicked off in the small game of "enjoying the great rivers and mountains of the motherland". Everyone enjoyed the scenery of the motherland, praised her posture and thanked her for her nurture. The main body of the activity is "youth sharing meeting" and "reading sharing meeting". We share our youth, feel the feelings of peers, and discuss our feelings with you; we share joy and excitement, taste the interesting things in the dormitory with you; we share confusion, and let the confusion be solved in your suggestions. The activity ends with vlog display, which is full of youth, prosperous motherland and beautiful campus. We will live, do, feel in the screen, reflected in the eyes of all, dare to show, is youth.

Finally, the counselors share their youth stories, take their life in College as the theme, deeply analyze our confusion and confusion at this stage, and provide us with suggestions on the future road choice.

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