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The sixth simulation United Nations activity held by the school of mechanics

Time: 2019年11月28日 10:10 News source : Browsing number:

On November 24, the sixth simulated United Nations Conference sponsored by the Institute of mechanical engineering and co sponsored by the Institute of Arts, law, materials, chemical engineering and medical college was held in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of the Institute of mechanical engineering. Students from six colleges participated in the activity.

First of all, through a short and wonderful video, students have a preliminary understanding of the current problems facing the international community. Subsequently, a United Nations knowledge contest was launched to create a good atmosphere for the event in the form of quick response. Next, the simulation of the UN General Assembly officially began, which was divided into two sessions. In the first half, the debaters discussed the issue of "Global trade friction", and in the second half, they discussed the issue of "poverty eradication". In this activity, representatives of various countries made positive statements, which fully demonstrated the long-term vision of contemporary college students and their profound thinking on issues. Finally, according to the scores of the judges, we will present the certificates to the participants. All the students took a group photo on the stage. This activity is over.

Through this activity, students' enthusiasm for international affairs and future development of human beings has been improved. Students can use the international perspective to explore the problems existing in the real society. At the same time, the students' oral expression ability and on-the-spot response ability were trained, which further stimulated their patriotic feelings, national self-esteem and self-confidence.

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