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The open course of "reading famous poets and inheriting Chinese culture" was held in the school of mechanics

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Recently, the poetry conference of "reciting famous poets and inheriting Chinese culture" was held in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of the mechanical building by the horse Research Association and the Learning Department of the mechanical college.

With the host announcing the start of the event, the six teams of contestants are already ready to take off. In the first link, "exporting into poetry", we investigated the accumulation of poems by competitors. The competitors exported ancient poems, which won the applause of the audience. After the festival, the host played a short video to introduce the poems, which made the audience deeply experience the beauty of ancient poems. In the second part, "how many flowers do you know?" the champion team is finally determined through a duel.

Through this activity, students can fully appreciate the cultural charm of ancient Chinese poetry and feel the beauty of language, emotion, artistic conception and thought of traditional culture. As a special activity in the "reading project" of the college, the poetry conference is well received by engineering students who love traditional culture.

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