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Notice on the implementation of the revision of the 2020 version of the personnel training plan: all units of the institute: In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the New Age National Undergraduate Education Work Conference, implement the "Ministry of Education on deepening the reform of undergraduate education and teaching to comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training Opinions (Jiao Gao [2019] No. 6), "Several Opinions of Jiangsu University on Further Strengthening the Work of Undergraduate Education in the New Era" (Jiang Jiang University [2019] No. 1) and "Revision of the Launch of Jiangsu University's 2020 Talent Training Program" Notice of Work "(Jiang Dajiao [2019] No. 91) related requirements to continuously improve the quality of personnel training, the college decided to start the revision of the 2020 version of the personnel training plan. The relevant matters are notified as follows.

I. Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the party's education policy, fully implement the fundamental tasks of cultivating virtues, cultivate socialist builders and successors who are fully developed in moral, intellectual, physical, and professional development, and optimize An undergraduate talent training system that takes leading engineering talent training as the lead, new and outstanding engineering talent training as the demonstration, and composite innovation and entrepreneurship professional talent training as the main body, highlighting the advantages and characteristics of talent training in each specialty.

2. Work Requirements

1. Attach great importance to it. It is clear that the responsibility training plan is a design and implementation plan for achieving the talent training goals and graduation requirements for each specialty, and is an important reflection of the quality of undergraduate talent training. All majors should attach great importance to the establishment of a working group led by a professional person in charge, in charge of the department head, secretary, deputy director of teaching, backbone teachers, etc., to carefully organize the revision of the professional training plan to ensure that the revision of the training plan is on schedule carry out.

2. In-depth study and extensive investigations. Majors should be organized to educate teachers to fully study the relevant spiritual requirements of the Ministry of Education, Provincial Departments and Schools in the new era of undergraduate education, benchmark national undergraduate professional teaching quality standards, and analyze the society, industries, and employment in the new era. The unit's requirements and implementation paths for graduates' capabilities and qualities, researching the advanced experience of talent training in well-known universities at home and abroad, and ensuring that the 2020 version of the training plan can fully reflect the characteristics and requirements of "new engineering".

3. Fully demonstrate that all majors in collaborative education should pay attention to the use of high-quality resources in discipline teams, grass-roots teaching organizations, cooperative enterprises, alumni associations, etc., fully follow the rules of professional teaching, scientifically and reasonably set up professional courses and practice links, and actively develop curriculum thinking Exploration in political construction, incorporating ideological and political education elements into talent training plans and curriculum teaching, ensuring that the new version of the subject training plan is advanced, scientific, and operable.

4. Focus on the connotation and highlight the characteristics. Through extensive research and discussion, according to market needs and professional positioning, establish professional training goals and graduation requirements. Based on 3-5 major courses, build a professional curriculum system to strengthen the professional foundation and connotation. , Highlighting professional characteristics.

III. Specific Arrangements

1. During the research and discussion phase (November 2019), the majors will focus on the undergraduate talent training programs, basic courses, and professional cores of 3 or more “dual-first-class” universities based on the research of well-known universities at home and abroad. Investigation and discussion of the curriculum and other curriculum settings, and preliminary formation of the "research report of the **** professional training plan"; the college summarizes the investigations of various units, discusses relevant issues, and submits them to the school. The school issued "Opinions on Revising the Principles of the Talent Training Plan of the 2020 Version of Jiangsu University (Consultation Draft)".

2. In the preliminary compilation stage (December 2019-March 2020), all majors will combine the National Standards for the Teaching Quality of Undergraduate Majors in General Colleges, Engineering Education and other professional certification standards, and the principles of revision of school training plans. The school's school positioning and specialty characteristics, taking into account the opinions of employers, the results of follow-up surveys of graduates, etc., and after the feasibility of enterprise experts in related industries have proved feasible, the "Major Training Plan for the 2020 Version of the Major (Draft)" has been initially formed.

3. During the revision and approval phase of the college (May 2020), the college organized internal and external experts to put forward their opinions and suggestions on the rationality of the training plan. Based on this, the majors were further revised to form the "Cultivation of Talents in the 2020 Major of the **** Major". Plan (Draft of the College) "

4. School approval and revision stage (April-June 2020) The school organizes internal and external experts to provide opinions and suggestions on the rationality of the training plan. Based on this, the College will make further amendments, and The undergraduate training plans (drafts) of the respective majors are reported to the Educational Affairs Office, and they are entered into the educational affairs management system after being approved by the school's leaders, and they will be implemented from 2020 undergraduate students.

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