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College of mechanical engineering carries out voluntary activities of deep respect for the elderly

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On October 13, the audio Association volunteers of the school of mechanics and the Medical College of Jiangsu University went to Jiangxinzhou nursing home of zhenjiang city to hold the volunteer activity of rich feelings for the elderly.

At the beginning of the activity,volunteers and the elderly reviewed the video of 70th anniversary of the National Day military parade.The elderly stressed that the volunteers should lay a solid foundation in the university and learn the real kungfu while the development of our country added brikes and tiles.Nextthe volunteers used their professional knowledge to measure the blood pressure of the elderly and tell them about the attention points of their daily life.Then the volunteers brought wonderful skits and song performances.Sing when you are old,push the activity atmosphere to the climax,add some fun to their life.

 In the activityvolunteers gave full play to the spirit of voluntary service,inherited the fine quality of respecting the elderly and demonstrated the vigorous vitality and love of contemporary college stuedents.

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