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The School of Mechanical Engineering has held a spirit pubic class

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On the afternoon of September 28th, the School of Mechanical Engineering held an public class of “Welcome to the 70th Birthday of People Republic of China and Show the Youthfulness of mech-student” in the lecture hall of Chengjiao Building. This activity inspires the patriotic enthusiasm of the majority of mechanical young students and enhances the cohesiveness of the young members of the college.

First of all, the director of the Youth League Committee, Mr. Du Kang, and the members of the presidium started the performance with two songs, "Today is your birthday" and "Love spread to everyone". Subsequently, the various departments of the Youth League organization went on stage to showcase the passionate, reciting songs and dances, and the profoundly-oriented melodrama. Everyone focused on the theme of loving school and motherlandperforming a wonderful program.

At the end of the event, Mr. Du summed up the effectiveness of the event, affirmed the spirits of the mechanical youth, and called on the young members of the college to return the motherland and the alma mater with more outstanding performance and achievements.

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