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Dr. Zhang Jie of advanced OPTOWAVE company was invited to give academic report in our college

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On the afternoon of November 4, Dr. Zhang Jie, chief scientist and application technology director of laser application technology development of American advanced optical wave company, made an academic report entitled "industrial scale manufacturing of fine structures & devices enabled by ultra fast lasers" in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of the Institute of mechanical engineering. The report meeting was presided over by Vice President Chen Wei. Many teachers and graduate students of our institute participated in the report meeting.

Starting from the demand and development of industrial applications, Dr. Zhang Jie reviewed the achievements of ultrafast laser in different fields in recent years, such as consumer electronic equipment (CED), bio absorbable stent (BVS), GDI nozzle, FMM, etc. The report also summarizes the unique advantages of picosecond (PS) and femtosecond (FS) laser processing from the aspects of performance, reliability and cost, and introduces the main challenges and possible solutions faced by the laser. The content of the whole conference is rich, and the teachers and students here have benefited a lot, enhanced their understanding of the application and development of ultrafast laser, and broadened their horizons.

Zhang Jie, Ph.D., graduated from Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1992, holds a Ph.D. degree. At present, he is the technical director of American advanced light wave company and Changzhou inno Laser Technology Co., Ltd. in China. He is mainly responsible for the research and development of key laser processing technology and the development of cutting-edge laser application research and development projects. Before working in lightwave, Dr. Zhang served as a senior researcher and technical director of Panasonic Boston laboratory. He has more than 25 years of working experience in the academic and industrial fields of laser material processing and published more than 50 related papers. He has successively obtained the research award fund of Alexander von Humboldt in Germany and sta in Japan, and In 1997, he was awarded the prize of progress by the Japanese Laser Association.

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