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School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University Implementation details of the re-enrollment of doctoral students in 2020

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In order to do a good job in the re-examination and admission of doctoral students in our college in 2020, in accordance with the requirements of the Prospectus for Doctoral Candidates of Jiangsu University in 2020 and Measures for Re-examination and Admission of Doctoral Candidates in Jiangsu University in 2020, in a fair, just and conducive manner The principles for the selection of cutting-edge innovative talents, combined with the actual situation of our college, have formulated this detailed implementation rule.

. Admissions Plan

Our 2020 doctoral student enrollment plan is one2 (of which the number of targeted students is not more than 2), and the actual number of students will be adjusted according to the admission plan issued by the school during the re-examination admission stage.

.Application conditions, registration process and enrollment methods

Strictly abide by the relevant requirements and regulations of "A Brief Introduction to Doctoral Candidates for Jiangsu University in 2020" and "Recruitment and Admission Measures for Doctoral Candidates for Jiangsu University in 2020".

. the tutor enrollment quota

In principle, the number of enrollment of each tutor shall not exceed one; the number of self-enrolled students per qualified outstanding tutor shall not exceed one per year; the number of tutors enrolling directed students shall not exceed one every two years; Student tutor, limited to one person every two years.

.Professional foundation and comprehensive ability assessment methods

1. Evaluation methods for master's and doctors 'continuous enrollment, and excellent tutors' independent enrollment application assessment methods:

1. Prior to November 27, the college will organize no less than 5 senior professional title experts to form a professional background assessment team to evaluate the application materials submitted by the candidates. The main contents of the assessment are: ideological and political performance, physical and mental health, and master's grade academic performance , English level, subject background, scientific research results, whether there is a good scientific research potential and training prospects, etc., the candidate list is determined and submitted to the graduate school.

(2).Before December 4th (the time will be announced separately), the college will organize no less than 5 doctoral tutors to conduct professional foundation and ability assessments on recomme

2. Evaluation methods for ordinary admission applications:

The general admissions examination should pay attention to the college's remaining admissions plan announced in December by the Graduate Admissions Information Network (http://yz.ujs.edu.cn) in December.

Those who pass the English proficiency test enter the comprehensive assessment link, and the college organizes no fewer than 5 doctoral supervisors to assess their professional foundation and ability:


The assessment method is in the form of a PPT report by the candidate and a reply by an expert. The candidate focuses on comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's foreign language listening and speaking ability, academic level, scientific research ability, comprehensive quality, and development potential in the subject area. Each retest expert gives a score ( (Percentage system), and determine the preliminary list of candidates for admission to the Graduate School for review based on their average score.

V. Admission

Recruitment of masters and doctors, independent recruitment of outstanding tutors: The college determines the list of candidates to be submitted to the graduate school in accordance with the total test scores of candidates and the quota of tutors.

Ordinary enrollment: The college sorts the total scores of the targeted and non-oriented candidates from high to low, and determines the list of candidates based on the college's remaining plan (oriented student source plan).

Admission categories are divided into non-targeted and targeted. The personnel files and organizational relationships of non-directed doctoral students were transferred to our university, and "two-way choice" was employed after graduation. Orientated doctoral students do not transfer personnel files during the school period. Prior to admission, the school signed an orientation training agreement with candidates and candidates' work units.After graduation of the oriented doctoral students, the graduation certificate, degree certificate, and school records of the school will be sent to the personnel department of the oriented unit.

. Publicity and supervision channels

The detailed implementation rules for the re-enrollment of doctoral students in our college are published on the school's graduate school and our website. The enrollment consultation telephone of our college is: 0511- 88790170 Contact person: Mr. Ye

The detailed implementation rules are explained by the School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangsu University, and the unfinished matters shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant documents of the school.

                                        School of Mechanical Engineering

                                               November 8, 2019


2020 Comprehensive Evaluation Score for Doctoral Examination of School of Mechanical Engineering

Candidate number




Experts   Mark


Foreign language   listening and

speaking ability



Scientific research   results



Answer questions



Development potential



PPT quality and   presentation


Total score


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