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Mechanical Academic Lecture Hall--Research on Special Optical Fiber and Optical Waveguide

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On June 19th, the Mechanical Academic Lecture Hall invited Professor Chen Mingyang, the director of the Department of Optoelectronics of our institute, to give an academic report on “Special Fiber and Optical Waveguide Device Research” in the Academic Report Hall on the 7th floor of the School of Mechanical Engineering. The teachers and graduate students participated in the report meeting.

Professor Chen first introduced the application research background of special optical fiber technology: the increase in the degree of social informatization has sharply increased the demand for broadband services, and fiber-to-the-home technology has become an inevitable choice. Combining the "Broadband China" strategy with the research of special optical fibers in the fields of ultra-compact optical devices, automobiles, aircraft, defense, etc., Professor Chen has carried out research on anti-bending modeless fibers. Compared with the existing bend-insensitive fiber at home and abroad, Professor Chen has taken a different approach, using the scheme of transmitting fiber-based mode with less mode fiber to improve the bending resistance of the fiber, and based on the mode field matching theory, the single-mode fiber and the mode-less fiber are realized a low loss connection between them. Later, Professor Chen introduced relevant research work from various aspects such as key technologies, characteristic advantages, field applications, and future directions. On this basis, Mr. Chen's research group has carried out research on modular multiplexed devices, and has carried out innovative research in the direction of multiplexing/demultiplexing, mode coupling and mode conversion.

Professor Chen, in conjunction with his research experience in the direction of small-mode fiber-optic mode converters, talked about the views on scientific research innovation: if the results are not in line with expectations, you should be happy, which may mean new discoveries.Serious consideration, analysis of causes, and identification of rules may lead to major innovations.

Finally, the participating teachers and Teacher Chen conducted in-depth and enthusiastic discussions on the content and research topics of this report.

The academic lectures activities further invigorated the academic atmosphere of the college, enhanced academic exchanges among teachers, and promoted learning and communication in different research fields.

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