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Mechanical Engineering College participates in the National Instrument High-tech Equipment and Dean Forum

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The high-tech instrument and equipment technology of the Chi-nese Academy of Engineering and the 11th National Instrument Sci-ence and Technology Dean's Forum were held in Taiyuan from August 23 to 25. More than 300 representatives from all over the country, including 10 academicians, attended the forum. Six academicians gave a keynote on the frontiers and trends of instrument develop-ment. The 16 instrument industry elites built around first-class discipline construction and first-class professional construction. The forum reported and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges. Dean of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Zhou Jianzhong, Associate Dean Xu Yuying and Director of the Department of Instru-mentation Song Shoupeng participated in the forum and visited the Micro-Nano Processing Center and the High-tech Equipment Laborato-ry of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of North University.

Through this conference exchange, we have learned about the development status and dynamics of the instrument field, as well as the advanced experience in instrument discipline and profes-sional construction. It provides a good reference for the future first-level disciplines of doctors and first-class professional constructions. At the same time, we can also see the shortcomings in our talent team and hardware conditions. We hope that the in-strument system can be better developed under the efforts of vari-ous parties.

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