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The cover article of "Acta Physica Sinica" publishes the research results of our optical engineering master Dai Zhenfei

Time: 2019年04月19日 08:25 News source : Browsing number:

Recently, the domestic physics class authoritative publication and the Chinese SCI journal " Acta Physica Sinica " published the latest research results of Dai Zhenfei, a master student of optical engineering in our school, in the form of a cover article. "Potato-shaped microstructured fiber based on high refractive index liquid filling." Adjustable filter model." The thesis was completed by the master student Dai Zhenfei under the guidance of Professor Chen Mingyang. Jiangsu University is the author of the paper, and Professor Chen Mingyang is the author of the paper.

The communication capacity of single-mode fiber is near the limit. The method of transmitting different information in different modes by using small-mode fiber, so-called mode-multiplexing technology, can multiply the transmission capacity of the fiber. However, how to effectively manipulate and control the transmission mode in the small-mode fiber has become one of the key technologies for its application. Based on the study of the supermode group and coupling theory of bandgap fiber, this paper designs a petal-shaped inner cladding band gap fiber, and fills the microstructure hole with liquid, which uses the thermo-optic effect of liquid to make the core different. The mode can be strongly coupled with the supermode of the cladding under the control of temperature to realize the tunable filter mode. The paper pioneered the online tunable filter technology, which can be widely used in the fields of modulo multiplex, fiber sensing and fiber laser.

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