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Mechanical College held a symposium on the Convention on self-discipline of students' Union and graduate student union

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Recently, the Institute of Machinery held a seminar on the Convention on the Self-discipline of Cadres of Student Union and Graduate Student Union in the lecture hall on the seventh floor. The forum was presided over by the Secretary of the League Committee, Du Kang, and the Bureau and ministers of the delegation attended the forum.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Du first analyzed several hot topics about student cadres on the Internet and pointed out that this bad atmosphere must be put an end to. He clarified the orientation and functions of student organizations, and hoped that all of us would serve the students wholeheartedly and safeguard their rights and interests. Subsequently, Shen Feifei-fan, chairman of the Student Union, interpreted the whole contents of the commitment to the Convention on the Self-discipline of Cadres of the Student Union and Graduate Union and called on everyone to implement the Convention on Self-discipline. Finally, all the League cadres signed their signatures on the banner of self-discipline, and they expressed their determination to resist the bad atmosphere, fulfill their obligations and serve the students better.

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