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The class committee of class 2018 held a special training report of the school of mechanical engineering

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Recently, the school of machinery in the seventh floor lecture hall held the 2018 new class committee training seminar, the lecture by the college party committee deputy secretary pan hongjun as the guest speaker, freshman instructor hou baobao and 2018 all class committee attended the lecture.


Secretary pan first made a detailed interpretation of the 2018 grade training plan, and explained the requirements for graduation credits, disciplinary punishment provisions and how to create a good style of class study.Then secretary pan put forward three requirements for the class committee: first, as a student cadre, not only to ensure academic performance, but also to do practical, detailed and new work, to improve their comprehensive quality;Second, the class committee should have a clear division of labor and mutual cooperation, work together to do a good job in class management;The third is to actively mobilize students to participate in the college's engineering activities, for the four major projects to achieve full participation.

Through this lecture, the class committee members made clear the responsibilities and requirements of the work, understood the way and method of class work, and laid a good foundation for the construction of class style of study in the first year.

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