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The school of mechanical engineering achieved good results in the seventeenth sports meeting

Time: 2018年11月05日 17:50 News source : Browsing number:

From November 2nd to November 3rd, the 17th sports meeting of our school was held in dongshan playground.Mechanical athletes adhering to the "unity and hard work, pioneering and innovative, mechanical college, strive for first-class" spirit of sports, completed all the competitions.


In the competition, mechanical college athletes have the courage to challenge themselves, in the field and track wrote a miracle after miracle.

Among them, all the team events all entered the top five good results, in the long-distance running, high jump and other events, also obtained the top three good results.

With the joint efforts of all of us, the college of mechanical engineering won the fourth place in the total score of the 17th track and field games, and won the award of sportsmanship with a good spirit.

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