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Volunteer of mechanical college visits blood station of Zhenjiang city center

Time: 2018年11月07日 14:49 News source : Browsing number:

Recently, the youth volunteers of the college of mechanical science and technology visited the blood station in the center of zhenjiang city and were warmly received by the staff of the blood station.

At 9:00 a.m., the activity started on time in the lecture hall of zhenjiang central blood station. The person in charge of the blood station made a comprehensive introduction.

Secondly, the staff explained the basic knowledge of voluntary blood donation, blood donation law, regulations of jiangsu province on blood donation, regulations of voluntary blood donation service team and other documents and regulations.

Finally, under the guidance of the staff, the volunteers visited the reception room for blood donation, the blood sampling room, the blood separation room, the blood testing room, the storage room for finished products and so on, which strengthened their understanding and understanding.

This activity touched the volunteers a lot. The volunteers not only eliminated the misunderstanding of blood donation, but also expressed their desire to actively participate in the team of unpaid blood donation and carry forward the spirit of volunteerism.

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