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The Party Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering held the "Education of the Heart, Keep in Mind Mission" theme education mobilization deployment conference

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On the morning of September 27th, the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering held a conference on mobilizing and deploying the theme of “Don't Forget the Heart, Remember the Mission”. All the teachers and students' party branch secretary attended the meeting, and the meeting was presided over by the party secretary of the school, Hua Yinqun.


At the meeting, the flower secretary first conveyed the spirit of the school's education mobilization meeting, “Do not remember the heart, remember the mission”, and mobilized the school's theme education program. Secretary Pan has made specific arrangements and work arrangements for the theme education work activities, and requires all party branch secretaries to attach great importance to the theme education work. Work should be carried out in a solid and in-depth manner, and study carefully, knowing and changing, and ensuring the theme education. Learn to rectify the full coverage.


The flower secretary stressed that it is necessary to fully understand the great significance of carrying out the theme education, accurately grasp the objectives, tasks and key measures of the theme education, implement the general requirements of "keeping the initial heart, shouldering the mission, finding the gap, and grasping the implementation", and effectively exerting the party branch and party members. The exemplary role of the model, to solve problems for teachers and students, to contribute to the school's "double first-class" creation and the development of the college career.

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