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The school of mechanical engineering launched a lecture hall for academic guidance professors

Time: 2018年12月06日 16:50 News source : Browsing number:

Recently, the college of mechanical engineering held a special lecture of academic guidance professor lecture hall at 503 Sanshan building. Professor Wang Yun, director of the department of mechanical design, served as the keynote speaker, and all the students of the department of freshman instructor Hou baoquan and machine design attended the lecture.

Professor Wang well welcome all students to join the mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation major, then through "Tesla" to introduce students to the mechanics involved in the field and the machinery industry in the role of social and economic development and the characters and functions of the virtual economy, at the same time, through the analysis of the demand for high-level personnel in Jiangsu province to introduce students to the importance of professional. Finally, Professor Wang Yun made a detailed introduction on the history,development status, experimental conditions, construction measures and professional certification of mechanization major in our college. The whole lecture was in an active atmosphere with good interaction.

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