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The school of mechanical engineering offers the third free Ielts training course

Time: 2018年12月05日 16:48 News source : Browsing number:

Recently, the school of mechanical engineering has opened ielts training classes for students free of charge, aiming at promoting the internationalization process of the school and enhancing students' international vision.The school of mechanical engineering specially invites the language and culture center to offer free ielts training courses for students who dream of studying abroad. After the preliminary selection, 25 participants were finally selected for this training course, which lasted 5 weeks and 60 class hours in total. The course is conducted by the training team of the language and culture center, covering listening, reading, writing, speaking and other aspects. This training is conducive to helping students improve their English level, improve the success rate of studying abroad, create a good international atmosphere within the college, and further promote the international work of the college.

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