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The School of Mechanical Engineering successfully held a graduate academic salon

Time: 2018年11月25日 11:05 News source : Browsing number:

On the evening of November 22nd, the Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering held a postgraduate academic salon event in the lecture hall on the 7th floor of the Mechanical Building. The theme of the event was “Ignite Scientific Research Passion, Innovation Practice First”, and 18 graduate students participated in the event.
  At the beginning of the activity, the 18th grade Zuo Feifei classmates as the representatives of the graduate students made an exchange on the sentiment of the graduate students for more than two months. Then the 16th national award winners Li Xinding and Yuan Guang gave a comprehensive analysis of their own experiences. How to balance his own research, work and life in his postgraduate career, and introduce his own experiences and experiences in studying and researching, going abroad, job interviews, etc., encouraging his younger brothers and sisters to clarify their life direction and actively participate in research projects and academic exchanges; Based on the scientific research method, Grade Yu Weijie introduced in detail the series of processes and methods such as the declaration of science and technology competition, the application of scientific research projects, the writing and application of patents, the writing and publication of the thesis, and answered the doubts of the new students. . Finally, several seniors answered the questions raised by the graduate students on how to determine the direction of scientific research and the practicality of scientific research.
  This academic salon event provides graduate students with a rich platform and broad space to understand scientific research, enhance the innovation awareness and practical ability of the new students, and create a scientific atmosphere for the participation of all staff, which will help our graduate students establish correctness. Scientific ethics promote academic innovation and development.

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