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The School of Mechanical Engineering holds a special lecture on international education for 2018 students

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On November 21st, the School of Mechanical Engineering held a special education lecture on “International Education – Studying Abroad (Exiting Abroad)”. Jiang Yonghua, Deputy Director of the International Department, was the guest speaker, and the freshman students listened to the lecture.
  At the lecture, Director Jiang made a detailed interpretation of the study abroad, the significance of the study abroad, the application route, the choice of the school, and the preparation of materials. He also introduced cooperative projects such as paid internships to the United States, three schools, three schools, and French joint training. At the same time, he pointed out that college students should develop "four habits, a kind of vision", namely: study habits, living habits, social habits, thinking habits and international vision. Throughout the lecture, Director Jiang combined with the surrounding cases to explain the story and the atmosphere of the lecture was active.
  Through this lecture, freshmen have a clearer understanding of studying abroad and master the basic common sense of studying abroad, which will help broaden the international vision of new students and cultivate international awareness.

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