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Mechanical Department organizes activities for celebrating the nineteenth CPC National Congress and Role Models Forum

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The topical TV serial Role Models recorded by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and CCTV re-run on the central news channel recently and mechanical department party branch looks very high to this serial for its educational significance. On 11th October, the party branch secretary organizes the forum watching these episodes for all faculty in the party branch.

The theme ofRole Modelsserial is “Marking the nineteenth CPC National Congress, realizing the Chinese Dream, learning from good examples, cohere our power for rejuvenation”. Meanwhile, different programming forms, such as propagating model deeds, interviewing typical models, live narrating and etc, telling us profound truth in our life and the lofty idea of the CPC. These plain stories also reveal Chines communists’ loyal belief in communism, concerns on people, conscientiousness and innovativeness.

Comrades in the party branch are inspired by these episodes. All of them are favor comparing with these models and spare no efforts to become another one in them.

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