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The School of Mechanical Engineering Held the Lecture on Mental Health Education for Grade 2017

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The School of Mechanical Engineering Heldthe Lecture on Mental HealthEducation for Grade 2017

On the September 14th, the school of mechanical engineering invited Lu Jing, the associate director of mental health education center of UJS to give the lecture on mental health education entitled “University Life-Start Your Journey of Wisdom with Your Heart” for grade 2017.

At the lecture, teacher Lu cited some examples to clearly introduce what is university, transformation that university is facing and how to act and how to enjoy university life from three aspects including how to understand university, how to adapt to the university and how to keep mental health.

Through this lecture, the freshmen had a clearer knowledge of university and basic knowledge of mental health. Furthermore, this lecture can help freshmen adjust their state of mind in time and adapt to university life as soon as possible.


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