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Professor Song Aiguo of Southeast University Delivered an Academic Report

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On the afternoon of June 13th, Professor Song Aiguo, the adjunct professor in our school, dean of the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering in Southest University, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Research about the Rehabilitation Robot Technology" for teachers and students. The report was presided over by Professor Zhou Jianzhong, the secretary of the Party Committee of our school. More than 100 teachers and students attended the report.

Professor Song Aiguo first introduced the background of rehabilitation robot technology, as well as the research status of rehabilitation robot at home and abroad. Then, Professor Song shared his research work that his group did about the combination with rehabilitation of robot and infornatization, long-range and net-work through vivid video . Networked rehabilitation robots have many advantages that rehabilitation therapists can not match, such as: through networked control, rehabilitation robots can give trainers a long-term, accurate, quantitative exercise guide, and can record the trainer in the various training stages parameters and data, help doctors in-depth analysis of treatment, design a more appropriate rehabilitation training program. The research group of Professor Song also put the game system into the rehabilitation training robot system, which gives more fun for the convalescent. The whole report was rich in content, teachers and students benefited greatly, deeply expanding the teachers and students of scientific research ideas, broaden the academic vision of them.

Professor Song Aiguo, doctoral tutor. National Outstanding Young Scientist Fund winner, China Youth Science and Technology Award winner, the new century millions of talent engineering national candidate, Jiangsu Province, "333" project young technology leader, Jiangsu Province Distinguished Professor. As the project leader, hosts the completion of the national 973 project, the national 863 high-tech projects, the National Natural Science Fund project, the national eleven five science and technology support projects and other important issues 42. He has won the first prize in Jiangsu Province in 2014 scientific and technological progress, the Ministry of Education in 2011 the first prize of technological invention, the 2010 military scientific and technological progress second prize, the 2010 China Intellectual Property Office of China Patent Excellence Award, 2007 Ministry of Education Natural Science second prize, scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Education in 2005 second prize, the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province in 2005, the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Education in 2001, and the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province. Annual Geneva International Invention Gold Award.

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