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Professor Dong Shiyun was Employed as a Adjunct Professor at Jiangsu University

Time: 2014年09月26日 00:00 News source : School of Mechanical Engineeri Browsing number:

On September 25th, an academic report given by Professor Dong Shiyun, a researcher from “National Defense Science and Technology Key Laboratory of Technology Manufacturing Equipment” in the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, was held in No. 2 reporting hall, conference center in our school. This academic report was also an appointment ceremony for his employment as our school’s part-time professor. Vice chancellor Chen Long attended the ceremony and issued letters of appointment to Dong Shiyun, as well as worn the school badge for him.
After the appointment ceremony, Dong Shiyun gave a report entitled “Remanufacturing of Mechanical Products and its Technology and Industry Development”. Some teachers and students from school of Mechanical Engineering and Motors Institute presented at the academic report and appointment ceremony as well.

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