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Graduates Attend the 2015 Far East Forum on NDT&E

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The 12th International Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, on 28th - 31st, May, 2015. The 2015 Far East Forum chooses “Nondestructive testing based on large data” as the theme. It was hosted by Beijing Science and Technology University and Guangdong Province Society for nondestructive testing. Yun-jiao Wang, Yong-hua Shao, and Ying-xue Li attended the forum and made oral presentations. Aiming at sparse sampling method in pipeline detection, Yun-jiao Wang made a representation with the subject of “Ultrasonic Signal Compressive Sampling and Its Application in Pipeline Flaw Inner Inspection”; and Yong-hua Shao made a representation with the subject of “Parameter estimation of Ultrasonic Echo Signal Based on LP and LM Algorithm”.

There are seven lecture halls for academic reporting and discussing in this conference. The application areas are railway, nuclear power, electromagnetic, pipeline detection, health monitoring, signal processing and so on. Deputy Director Ji-wei Xu of AQSIQ special equipment Safety Supervision Bureau, Professor Leonard Bond of CNDE in Iowa State University, Secretary-general Yong-chang Xu of the Chinese Society for Nondestructive Testing, Secretary-general Meng-qi Zhou of IEEE China Council, and Deputy Director Gong-tian Shen of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute attended the conference.

Far East Forum on Nondestructive Evaluation/Testing is facing at New Technologies & Applications for NDT researchers, college teachers and students, manufacturers, users and technicians all over the world. It promotes an academic exchanges in the fields of NDT&E and presents the up-to-date research achievements in the fields. Papers will be published by IEEE conference album and submitted to EI for index.

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