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Many congratulations on Micro-nano lab winning the honorary title of Youth Civilization of Jiangsu University

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On April 24, the result of the Fifth Youth Civilization Awards has been announced. Micro-nano lab in school of mechanical engineering wins the honorary title of Youth Civilization of Jiangsu University. The honorary title of pace-setter in the new Long March is obtained by Zhang zhong qiang, the associate professor of mechatronic engineering.

Micro-nano lab was founded in August 2001, consists of seven members with a mean age of 32.67 years old. All the teachers have doctor degree, 2 associate professors, most of them have doctor or postdoctoral learning experiences in well-known universities, 2 selected as junior faculties. Team members have done and are doing about 30projects from NSFC, station researches etc, have attain the country advance in technology second prize and won 3 prizes of Ministry Science & Technology Award. Micro-nano lab have published over 70 papers and more than 50 covered by SCI or EI, papers has won more than 200 times cited. It has applied for about 30 national Patents for Inventions, in which 10 items have been authorized.

The selection of Youth Civilization has held 5 sessions. There are many teaching and administrative staff participated in the rating, by which set of typical for youth teacher groups. After well prepared, preliminary assessment, publicity and final stage examination, Micro-nano lab finally selected. They present the professional skills of young teacher in school of mechanical engineering.

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