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Training Plan Revision Workshop Organized By Department of Electrical Engineering

Time: 2015年05月07日 00:00 News source : Browsing number:

During the afternoon of April 29, all the teacher attend the training plan revision workshop organized by department of electrical engineering. Guang Gui Cheng, dean of the department, host the workshop and present the main scheme. All the staffs studied and discussed the graduation requirement of 2015 engineering education accreditation standards, finally put forward the constructive proposals ofundergraduates cultivation schemes.During the conference, professor Ling and professor Yin on behalf of experienced teachers provided valuable insights and comments on graduation requirements, through which the understanding of undergraduates cultivation schemes was greatly improved. Finally, professor Yang, department head, comment on the schema revisions and point out its importance in training students' abilities as well as evaluation.

Every teacher of mechanical and electronic engineering puts priority on developing students' abilities. During the conference, each teacher carefully studied the engineering education accreditation standards and made full preparations for the future professional accreditation.

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