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Teachers and students in our school attended 4th FALM

Time: 2015年04月27日 00:00 News source : Browsing number:

The 4th Forum on Applications of Laser Manufacturing FALM2015 was held by Non-Traditional Machining Institution of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and laser processing committee of the COS in Beijing University of Technology, in which more than 100 participants from Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, Jiangsu University, Zhejiang University Of Technology, South China University of Technology, Hunan University and so on attended.

Prof. Xiao Wang, Prof. Huixia Liu, Prof. Jinzhong Lu et al. from College of Mechanical Engineering were invited to attend this meeting. Prof. Jianzhong Zhou was the member of the academic committee of FALM2015, and Professor Prof. Jinzhong Lu was invited as the chairman of the second conference entitled “Laser composite processing technology”. Teachers and students in our school showed the research progress and application status of the laser shock wave strengthening and laser surface micro-texture frontier, which attracted wide concern of the participants. Five outstanding reports were evaluated on the conference, and Mastre Yang Zheng’s report entitled “The effect of electrochemical hydrogen charging on laser shock of 316L stainless steel” won the “outstanding report of the fourth session of the advanced laser manufacturing technology seminar”. During this meeting, our delegation and delegates communicated widely with other researchers on the laser surface modification technology and laser engineering application and other cutting-edge technology.

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