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Academic report of Prof. Shu-tao Li, engineering IT expert, Germany's Daimler automotive group

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On May 7, Prof. Shu-tao Liengineering IT expert, Germany's Daimler automotive group, gives an academic report at the first meeting hall of Jiangsu University Conference Center. The academic report is presided by Prof. Jiang-zhong Zhou, Part secretary of the Mechanical engineering school. There are about 200 teachers and students taking part in the academic report, who comes from Mechanical and Automotive Engineering schools, respectively. The title of the academic report is “Industry 4.0: the New Generation Industry Revoluation ” , in which some valuable information are introduced such as the development, origin, strategic background and goals of Industry 4.0 in Germany. Moveover, its features, challenges and comparison with those of the China Manufacturing 2025 Plan are pointed out. After that, Prof. Shu-tao Li exchanges in-depth views on science reseach cooperation, students culture, academic communication etc, with the relevant leaders of the mechanical engineering school. The initial colaboration intends are reached.

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