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Visit and Academic Report of Prof. Jenn-Terng Gau , Northern Illinois University

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On May 28, Prof. Jenn-Terng Gau coming from Northern Illinois Universityis invited to visit the Mechanical Engineering school, Jiangsu University and conducted a broadly academic communication. He also gives an academic report at the third meeting hall of Jiangsu University Conference Center. The title is “the micro sheet/foil forming R&D at NIU”. In where, Prof. Gau introduces the research progress, application, and future research interesting of Northern Illinois University in the micro-forming field. The symposium is presided by Nai-Fei Ren, dean of Mechanical Engineering school. And there are about 90 graduate students and teachers taking part in the academic report, who comes from the Mechanical Engineering and material science schools, respectively.

During visiting, Prof. Gau, Dean Nai-Fei Ren, and Zhong-xing Li, the director of international office, have a broad and in-depth exchange of views about interuniversity collaboration, project cooperation, high-level talent recruitments, the combined training programs of undergraduate and graduates, etc, reaches a preliminary cooperation intent.

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