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Dai Zhendong, The Professor Of Nanjing Aerospace University Do Academic Report In Our University

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On the afternoon of April 9th, 2015, Dai ZhenDong, the Professor of Nanjing Aerospace University was invited to do an academic report about "Bionic Tribology Research And Development" in A407. The report was chaired by Professor Fu Yonghong. More than one hundred students and several teachers who come from the school of Mechanical Engineering, and Automotive College and Material College had attended the report.

Professor Dai first introduced the motion of gecko bionic research results. The report covered a very wide range, including the equipment research, test method , data analysis, theoretical model, and so on. He had used very humorous and simple language to explain the profound theories in the report. Secondly, Professor Dai introduced the research and development of the results from laboratory to real industrial production, and emphasized the unique advantages of this technology in aerospace aviation. Finally, he made a detailed answer on the questions raised by the students. The academic report made the teachers and students benefit a lot, and had a more profound understanding of bionics.

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