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The Optical Information Department Organizes “Party Day Activities”

Time: 2015年05月25日 00:00 News source : Browsing number:

On May 16th, 2015, the Party branch of the Optical Information Department organized the teachers to visit the ship base of Zhenjiang watercraft College. The captain led us to visit the largest training ship, and made a detailed introduction on the structure and the function of the advanced instrument and equipment in this ship.

Through this day activities, teachers visited the advanced defense equipment closely and they also experienced the modernization results of national defense and military informatization. As the backbone of the national science and technology development of university teachers, they were invigorated by the modernization of the motherland's achievements deeply, as well got inspiration and urge. What’s more, teachers also enhanced their feelings, and improved the collective cohesion through the collective activities.

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