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A Young Teacher Symposium Held By The Party Branch Of Mechanical Design Engineering Department In Our School

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On November 4, The Party Branch of Mechanical Design Engineering Department(MDED) held a symposium about young teacher's thoughts and work and life, in the department meeting room JXA402 of the Mechanical Building. All of the department young teachers, including 40 year-oldand younger than 40 year-old teachers, participated the symposium.

The meeting was hosted by Professor Chaojun Yang, The Party Branch Secretary of MDED, in order to understand different political thoughts and work and life and so on from the young teachers, especially, young teachers enrolled recent years. Firstly, all of the delegates talked warmly about their own teaching and scientific research and daily life, and also gave some reasonable suggestions for college work. Secondly, they discussed how to adjust reasonable mind state by taking an active part in physical exercises and how to balance and deal with the relationship between the family and work. During the meeting, it was found thatthe young teachers are generally facing multiple stresses or distresses such as the heavy teaching tasks and scientific research pressures and family life issues, including their children's education and training.Finally, Prof. Chaojun Yang made the summing-up speech and pointed out that the government and school are providing many good opportunities and conditions for young teachers recent years, so young teachersshould try to overcome the difficulties and make great progresses by combining with their own scientific research advantages. And they could communicate with members of party branch or colleagues when facing the difficulties. Besides, they also should pay attention to the importance of family and children's cultivationwhile they were busy in work.

During the meeting, all of the delegates spoke enthusiastically and actively. Obviously, the meeting has shortened the distance between the department party branch the young teachers more further than before through the good communication, and also enhanced the understanding and feeling between colleagues each other. In addition, The Party Branch of MDED will strengthen the concern and guidance to young teachers in the future and try the best to create a good working and living environment for them.

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