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Professor Zhu Jigui from Tianjin University Released an Academic Report at Jiangsu University

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Professor Zhu Jigui, from School of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering of Tianjin University, made a wonderful academic report entitled " Car body precision measurement and control under network environment " at the conference center in Jiangsu University at OCT. 31, 2015. More than 200 representatives from Jiangsu Instrument and Control Society annual conference, and Department of Instrument Science and Engineering of Jiangsu University listened to the report. Professor Ren Naifei and Ren Xudong, dean and vice dean of School of Mechanical Engineering respectively attended the lecture too.

Professor Zhu starts the topic from Industry 4.0 and the 2025 new challenges of Chinese manufacturing automaker. Around the car body measurement and control-related issues under the network environment, professor Zhu introduced the automobile manufacturing measurement mode under the network environment. He also made a brief introduction of the technology and project case, state key laboratory of precision measuring instruments, and Tianjin University latest research results in the measurement and control of the car body. After the lecture, Professor Zhu communicated deeply with representatives.

Ph.D Tutor Zhu Jigui, a winner of China youth medal and national outstanding youth fund, the first national youth science and technology innovation leading talent, the ministry of education for new century excellent talents support program and the ministry of education innovation team "advanced manufacturing field theory and technique" academic leaders, is interested in the research fields of laser and optical testing, computer vision detection technology, large-size measurement in recent years. He is now charge of many research projects, such as the national natural science foundation of outstanding youth foundation, the national natural science foundation of China, the national “863” program, the national science and technology support program, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment national science and technology major projects etc..

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