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Dr. Fangwei Xie returned from overseas

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Dr. Fangwei Xie studied in Washington University in St. Louis as a visiting scholar from 16th July, 2014 to 16th July, 2015, who was supported by the China Scholarship Council. Washington University in St. Louis is a private institution that was founded in 1853. Its ranking is 14th in the 2014 US News & World Report, and 32nd in 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is the earliest and the most famous “Washington University” in American history.
Dr. Fangwei Xie worked in Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, and cooperated with distinguished Professor Ramesh K. Agarwal, studying the power transmission mechanism of oil film in high-power hydro-viscous clutch. Dr. Xie has obtained some research achievements through one year study, and published two research papers with the first unit of Jiangsu University. He has established a friendly cooperative relationship with Professor Agarwal and his team, which is benefit for the scientific research between two sides in the future. By attending professional courses and international conferences, Dr. Xie had a deep insight and an intuitive understanding on the mode of scientific research, methods of cultivating graduate students, characteristics of undergraduate course teaching, etc. Dr. Xie said he would apply these new research methods, advanced technologies and management methods to the building of research, courses and majors, and do his best to strengthen the international communication and cooperation, and meanwhile contribute to the development of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Jiangsu University.

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