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Our teams have achieved excellent results in the 3th of Jiangsu Provincial Contest of Virtual Instrument

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On December 9, 2016, the final of the third session of the Jiangsu Provincial contest of virtual instrument ended in Jiangsu University. After fierce competition, our teams have achieved excellent results in the end, namely, they won four first prize, a second prize and a third prize. Since the Award-wining rate of our school is as high as 100%, our team won the highest award-wining rate among the peer participated in this event and won a great glory for the Science and Technology of Instrumentations and Jiangsu University.

The third session of virtual instrument contest is sponsored by Jiangsu Instrument and Control Society and Southeast University. There were 155 teams from 27 universities and many innovation works submitted in all. After several rounds of fierce competition and rigorous review from authoritative experts, 76 teams from Jiangsu University, Southeast University and other colleges finally got to the final of the 3th session of virtual instrument contest from the works submitted.

This contest aims to arouse the interest of college students about science and improve comprehensive competence and to show their innovation ability, promoting the development of extracurricular activities of science and technology to a wider and deeper level and constructing the effective carrier of top creative talents and training platform for outstanding engineers which is supported by colleges and universities, industry associations and enterprises at the same time.

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