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Teachers and Students from the Instrument Science and Engineering Department Attended the China Petrochemical Major Engineering Instrumentation Control Technology Summit Forum

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On April 5th-8th, 2017 China Petrochemical Industry Factory Science and Technology Summit Forum and the 8th China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Control Technology Summit Forum (CPIF, 2017) was held in Wuxi. Professor Song Shoupeng from Instrument Science and Engineering Department led the team of six people participate in the academic forum, and made a theme report named "pipeline defect ultrasound array detection and signal sparse sampling reconstruction".

The theme of this forum is “strengthen the cooperation with industry and academia and promote the construction of intelligent factories”. This forum was held by the combination of China Instrument and Control Society and China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Research Association and International Process Industry Automation User Association, and aimed at studying the development of the "13th Five-Year" petrochemical industry and the application and problem solving of key technologies such as intelligent factory inspection, monitoring, control, communication, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. This forum was hosted and co-organized by 15 units, while 50 automation instrument manufacturers in the General Assembly during the product display.

On the forum, Graduate student Shen Jingjing made a report named "Pipeline defect ultrasonic array detection and signal sparse sampling reconstruction" report, which showed the experts and representatives of the instrument non-destructive testing team in the pipeline defect composite array detection and imaging, as well as new data sampling research results, and shows the team's physical research results. The report was highly concerned and affirmed by the industry, and had a heated discussion and exchange, some representatives also express the intention of further cooperation.

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