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School of Mechanical Engineering Held the All- member Party Meeting

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On March 3th, the All Member Party Meeting in New Semester was held successfully at conference room in school building. Institute Deputy Party Secretary Pan Hongjun hosted the meeting. All the party branch secretaries, student party members and active applicants for CPC membership attended the meeting.

During the meeting, all branches firstly reported the ideological trends in witer holiday and the study plan for new semester. Then, Institute Deputy Party Secretary Pan Hongjun arranged the implement of the “Three One” in work of party construction. He pointed out three key points. Point one is that every party branch should be responsible for a class. Point two is that every party member should lead a dormitory. Point three is that every active applicant should help a classmate correspondingly. After doing well for the above three points, students’ party branches will enhance their cohesion and combat effectiveness and give full play to the advanced role of party members. He especially pointed out that the school will build the “one to one assisstant system ” with student party members and cautioned students and hopes everyone to take an active part in the work. In addition, he asked student party members to help the league construction in class, give advice and suggestions to the activity “going outdoors” and carry out well the work of self- inspection and supervision.

With the meeting, student party members in the school have a strong understanding of the connotation in “Three One” with the work of party construction and also clearly know how to play a leading role among the party members and how to better serve the students.

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