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The School of Mechanical Engineering Held a Job Hunting Experimence Sharing Meeting Successfully

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On March 15th, School of Mechanical Engineering successfully held a job hunting experience sharing meeting at the room B504 in mechanical building. This activity invited two outstanding alumni, Zhu Jinxin and Yin Guanchao to give speeches.

At the meeting, Zhu Jinxin firstly shared his experience about job hunting and introduced the details needing special attentions in finding a job as well as some interview tips. He emphasized that, facing the increasingly severe employment pressure, graduate students were not in an optimistic employment situation and many of them could not find a favorite work, so the earlier one prepared the better. Then, Yin Guanchao organized a simulation of group interview. Students enthusiastically participated in it, creating a good opportunity for exercise. Their wonderful speeches ended up in the bursts of applause, marking the success of the experience sharing meeting.

The successful holding of the meeting enables students to have a more in-depth understanding of the job hunting, which will guide students to prepare for the future job hunting. Besides, it makes students discipline themselves with more strict requirements in the future study and prepare for the future with better attitude. It can be deduced that with the unremitting efforts, their future will move towards a new height.

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