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Overseas Students from School of Mechanical Engineering Held "Appreciates China Year" Activity

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On January 12, overseas students from school of mechanical engineering and school of electrical engineering went to zhenjiang jinquan street community, held activities to appreciate Chinese festival customs. Students from Ethiopia, Ghana, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and so on participated in the activities.

On that day, overseas students under the guide of volunteers from school of mechanical engineering went to the square of jinquan community. Firstly chinese and overseas students made dumplings and choped meat,mixed stuff and packed under the guide of enthusiastic local residents.Soon first batch of dumplings was cooked and the technics of overseas students were prsided. Subsequently, zhenjiang folk expert teached students to make paper cutting, weave Chinese knot,such as from the most basic "xi" word, to "golden pheasant". When came to the most difficult "Chinese knot", students learned extremly happily and experienced Chinese traditional culture. The folk artists gave their handiworks to the overseas students as a gift at the end and wished happy New Year ahead of schedule.

This activity enhanced the cultural exchange between the countries and carried forward Chinese traditional culture to overseas students. This activity was reported by People's Daily, Xinhua Daily and other national media.

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