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School of Mechanical Engineering Won the Second Prize in the Freshmen Cup Men's Basketball Match

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In the afternoon of November 27th, "freshman cup" of Jiangsu university was held as scheduled in the school stadium. Men's basketball team of school of mechanical engineering booked their place in the final against Jing Jiang college Basketball team, with the record of all wins. These two teams played splendid and lit the enthusiasm in autumn in stadium of Jiangsu university.

In 3:30 in the afternoon, as the host introduced one by one for both teams, the game began formally. Each member sprayed their own sweat, carefully organized every attack, all athletes took out the imposing manner. With the every pep talk of the audience on the stage, scoreboard began to constantly turn pages. Mechanical college poor condition at first, was defeated by around 10 points, but after the adjustment in the second pause, school of mechanical engineering recovered the situation. Exercise performance of school of mechanical engineering relieved athletes' exhaustion of body and mind. Time started pull everyone's pulse, also strained every athlete's nerves. In the end, school of mechanical engineering was defeat by Jing Jiang college and won the second prize. Li Xi from school of mechanical engineering won the title of "scoring king".

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