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School of Mechanical Engineering Successfully Held Symposium for Employers Recruiting Graduates

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On November 19, school of mechanical engineering held symposium graduates in the meeting room in the stadium to for employers recruiting graduates. In which we had a thorough knowledge of the training quality of the graduates of school of mechanical engineering and the talent demand of those employers. The meeting invited directors of 15 companies, including Xu Gong automotives, Sue beauty, Often group. Vice Party chief of the Communist Party of School of Mechanical Engineering Pan Hong jun, vice dean Chen Wei and directors of each department.

In the begnning of the meeting, secretary Pan resigned the opening welcome to the arrival of those companies, and appreciated the long-term friendly cooperation. Secretary Pan also pointed out the purpose of this meeting, which is to take the use of this opportunity to know about the recognition of our graduates and feedbacks. Then, vice dean Chen introduced to everyone the situations of four main departments, especially introduced the progress and achievements in the international engineering education professional certification. He expressed the hope that we can through this symposium accumulate valuable advice and further enhance the quality of our graduates. Next, each company talked about the psychology of graduates, professional English level, personnel training and development, basic drawing skills, ability to get to work and the command of software. At the same time, these companies also invited college teachers and students to visit the factory field, hoping to contribute to more university-enterprise cooperation. As to the recommendations and hopes from each company, secretary Pan and vice dean Chen gave a positive response, and thanked again for the arrival of these companies.

The meeting enhanced the exchange of the school with companies, providing a more clear understanding and the development direction of personnel training mode and education teaching management for school of mechanical engineering. School of mechanical engineering will actively promote exchanges between colleges, perfect the training plan and make unremitting efforts to cultivate comprehensive talents.

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