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School of Mechanical Engineering Along with Other Five Schools Held

Time: 2016年10月21日 00:00 News source : Browsing number:

On October 15, school of mechanical engineering, school of literature, school of law, school of automotive, school of finance and economics held "Youth Right Fantastic" welcome party for the freshmen together in the auditorium. Leaderships and the teachers in the school watched the party.

The opening of the party was the song "jasmine" by the committee of caring for the younger generation chorus, which brought students enjoy of music and also showed the elegance of retired faculty of Jiangsu university. Then, it is performed by freshman from each school of singing and dancing, they are energetic, animating the atmosphere. Among them, performance by the nunchaku association showed brilliance, putting the atmosphere to a climax. At the same time, taekwondo team performed "kick the wind", performing a cross, overhead kick acrobatic moves etc., achieving warm applause of the audience. Language programs such as sketch "Zhen Huan Trilogy" also repeatedly cheered by the audience. Comedies and Dramas like "Flattery" and "Dream back to 1986" expounded the relationship between contemporary students and parents, classmates, teachers, which made the content and the spirit of the activity enriched and sublimated.

Finally, the welcome party pulled the curtain in the warm applause of all the teachers and students.

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