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Overseas Students of School of Mechanical Engineering Carryed Out the Activity of

Time: 2016年10月09日 00:00 News source : Browsing number:

On October 9, overseas students of school of mechanical engineering went to Tai Gu mountain community in Zhen Jiang, prepared a special Chong Yang feast for the old people in the community, accompanied the local old people to celebrate a special Chong Yang festival.

On that day, overseas students came to the community early for preparation, especially elaborated double ninth cakes. Although the production process was a little bit difficult, it didn't stop the enthusiasm of the students to celebrate the festival for the old. Under the guidance of enthusiasts, from the most simple mixing bed charge to the final filtration and forming, the students are busy with happiness. Finally, with rice scent hot double ninth cakes were smoothly made. Students distributed enthusiastically cakes to the old and accompanied old people to taste the results. In spite of the differences in language, students got along very well with the old . In the feast, students and the old made a toast to celebrate the Chong Yang festival. A burst of laughter filled everyone's mind. After meal, the students said goodbye to the old to end the special Chinese and foreign Chong Yang festival.

This activity not only sent the elderly in the community blessings and joy, but also let students feel the charm of Chinese traditional festivals and culture deeply. This activity was published by several media like "Jiangsu Province Newspaper", "Zhenjiang Journal" etc. School of mechanical engineering will continue to guide students to participate in the activities of and perception of Chinese traditional culture, and promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and integration.

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