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Name : Jiawei Cong

Professor; Master advisor

Address : Room B513 School of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (86)511-88797228

Fax: (86)511-88797228

E-mail: cjw@seu.edu.cn


2006-2014 Ph.D, Southeast University, China

2001-2005 BS, Jinan University, Guangzhou,China

Professional Experience

2014- Master advisor, Jiangsu University, China

2014- Lecture, Jiangsu University, China

Social academic post

OSA member

Research interests

Plasmon optics and electromagnetic metamaterials. The research interest includes the theoretical and experimental investigation of novel optical devices related to plasmon resonance phenomena, including subwavelength high-resolution imaging, optical waveguide beyond diffraction limit, high speed terahertz modulators via active metamaterials and so on.

Teaching Courses

Fourier optics

Fundamental of semiconductor physics

Applications of Matlab in optical processing

Honors and Awards

Main Research Projects

1.Investigation of transmission properties of terahertz wave based on the interaction between Bloch surface wave and plasmon resonance in metal nanoparticles. (No. 61505071), NSFC, 2016-2018.

Main Scientific Publications

1.Jiawei Cong, Gaige Zheng, Zhiqiang Zhou, etl. Simultaneous Enhancement of Bandwidth and Group Index of Slow Light via Metamaterial Induced Transparency With Double Bright Resonators, IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS. 21(4), 4700106, 2015.

2. Jiawei Cong, Binfeng Yun, and Yiping Cui. The ratio of the kinetic inductance to the geometric inductance: a key parameter for the frequency tuning of the THz semiconductor split-ring resonator,21(17), 20363, 2013.

3.Jiawei Cong, Zhiqiang Zhou, Binfeng Yun, etl. Broadband visible-light absorber via hybridization of propagating surface Plasmon,41(9), 1965,2016.


Plan for Overseas Master & Ph. D

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